360 Battery - Battery Saver Apk V1.3.1 for Android

 360 Battery - Battery Saver Apk V1.3.1 for Android

Download 360 Battery - Battery Saver Apk V1.3.1 for Android


 360 Battery - Battery Saver Apk V1.3.1 for Android 360 Battery - Battery Saver Apk V1.3.1 for Android 360 Battery - Battery Saver Apk V1.3.1 for Android

Download 360 Battery

360 Battery Plus – Battery Saver is a FREE battery saver application makes you expand the battery life by half more and chop down charging time under the force sparing mode. 
With battery time checking, power sparing mode and battery charging time reducer, 360 Battery Plus secure your battery constantly.
Under the battery time checking, it identifies what application is eating your battery force and it likewise lets you know which one of them ought to be killed consequently to spare battery power.
Under force sparing mode, You could stop all the battery depleting applications on the foundation 


  • As a battery charging time reducer, it lessens the battery utilization amid the charging time. 
  • Also, 360 battery in addition to helps you deal with all depleting applications, stop pointless applications and diminishing the charging time. 
  • Free download this battery saver application extensively with one and only tap to amplify your gadget's battery life. 

  • One-Tap Battery Power Saver: Shut down foundation battery life depleting applications and enhance battery time with one tap. 
  • Advanced Power Saver application: Take out auto-beginning applications to spare battery power. 
  • Peer-wakeup Power Saver: Terminate applications that actuate by different procedures subsequent to being closed down to broaden battery life. 
  • Power Saving Mode: 
  • Observing battery life, for example, temperature, battery power weight and remainder battery time to get an unmistakable picture as a battery power saver. 
  • Battery Power Calculation 
  • Precisely appraise battery time with current status of your gadget and battery power. 
  • 24 Hour Power Consumption Chart 
  • Constant screen your battery power utilization status of your applications, give power depleting points of interest and streamlining functionalities. 
  • Smart Battery Power Saver 
  • Insightfully selecte optins to spare battery power in view of various utilization situations and hold your vitality to the time you require it the most. 
  • Boosting and Healthy Charging 
  • At various charging stages, it screens and finishes sound battery charge to guarantee battery stay in its best condition amid the entire battery life. 
  • Exception Reminder 
  • Remind you opportune and advance your gadget with one tap when exemption jumps out at your battery temperature and force utilization of an application. 
  • Automatic Cooling and Boosting Charging 

Viably chill off battery when battery is overheated; support charging rate to make you invest less energy to start to appreciate the following time of battery time.


360 Battery - Battery Saver Apk V1.3.1 for Android

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